Bluebells and stitchworts in the blue green woods

bluebells and stistchworts at Hardcastle Craggs

At the weekend we walked through Hardcastle Craggs and followed the river all the way to Blake Dean. Gibson Mill was as busy as a bank holiday but the lower path beyond the mill was another world. It was a bit like going under water as we dipped out of the bright sun and into this peaceful blue/green world.

bluebells and greaterstitschworts in the sun

The bluebells were still going strong and they were dotted with stitchworts.Their little white flowers were like a constellation of stars.

bluebells and stitchwort

They became my subject for the day. There were so many that we didn't get anywhere very fast as I had to say hello to every one but we weren't in any kind of hurry.

greater stitchwort flowers

It's lovely when Ffion comes for a walk with her camera becase she takes good people photo's and she has sent me them to use in this blog post.

walking in Hardcastle Craggs

Here we all are a walkin'

walking in Hardcastle Craggs, Hebden Bridge

and a talkin'.

looking up into the trees whilst walking in Hardcastle Craggs, Hebden Bridge

And looking. I think we were listening to the chirps of some hungry baby birds in a dead tree trunk.

photographing wild garlic in Hardcastle Craggs

Yes someone put wild garlic on my head. I wondered why they were all sniggering to themselves.

wild garlic flowers in Hardcastle Craggs

The wild garlic was still in its prime.

wild garlic


unfurling bracken

The ferns were unfurling.

wood sorrel in Hardcastle Craggs

The wood sorrel was looking delicate and beautiful.

by the river and blake dean

The stream at Blake Dean was a welcome sight to rest our tired feet.

sitting on a roack by the river in blake dean

It was nice to dangle them in the cool water.

Ffions beautiful yellow handmade shirt!

It was the first outing for Ffions new shirt which she made herself! It's so lovely.

greater stitchworts in the woods

It was an altogether stunning day. I think it's about eight miles there and back so it's quite a long one but it was so gorgeous every step of the way!

Thanks Ffion for letting me use your photos x

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Just gorgeous! Thanks so much for sharing your walk with these beautiful photos – an appetiser for our week in Yorkshire next month, can’t wait! Happy Friday to you x

Megan Pinnell

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