Brooklyn Garage - my new studio

I thought you might like to see some photos of my new studio to be. This is going to be my main room. Picture shelves full of wallpaper, a big cutting desk in the middle and my desk...

Every day when I walk past there is an exciting new development. This was the day before the windows were due to go in. 

And the next day there they were. Picture window film and greenery, softening the edges. The new front steps are lovely and I love how the pavements arch in on each side. It looks inviting.

This is the second room, a little slimmer than the other one. This is where the lamp making studio will be. We'll have a workbench in front of the window so we can watch the world go by.

And behind that partition will be the laser extractor. In a soundproofed room to contain the noise. Good for us and our neighbours!

Sadly the glazed bricks aren't staying which is a shame as I love their warmth. If they went all the way to the top then it would have been ok, but for ease and simplicity the landlord wants to plaster it over. I hope the crazy ladder can stay though! 


The turret is a good landmark, easy to spot from down the road. I can't wait for you to visit!

So there's still a lot to do but they are cracking on. 


Very excited for you Hannah about the new studio … I too have been keeping an eye on how things are developing each time I walk by and it’s really moving along quickly now. Looks like it’s going to be a wonderful space, and I bet you can’t wait to be back in the heart of the valley again!

Sara Porter

Gutted that the tiles are going 😢

Roo Waterhouse

Oh Hannah it’s looking so exciting and wonderful. I can imagine all your lovely bits and pieces making it look so inviting for you and us to come and visit! I can’t wait either! I absolutely love your crazy ladder I really hope they do decide to keep it. Take care and have a lovely time in Scotland. love and hugs Becki xxx 🥰


How exciting. Its lovely to see, in this state and will be lovely to catch up when you come back.
Have a super time in Scotland, the break will do you good. love it up there, or Northumberland. Things are looking brighter for you at last. Relax and enjoy but lm sure you will.
X😊🌞⛰️🏔 nearest to hills

Angie Corner

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