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It's eight weeks since my hysterectomy. Eight weeks that have taken forever but also gone by in a flash! My scars have healed nicely and I can bend and stretch and carry the water jug again and that is all to be celebrated, but my energy is nowhere near back to capacity yet.

I have sat here in my chair watching this beautiful spring unfold before my very eyes, everyday a new colour, a new scent, and a new expression of LIFE! The same force that is making the ferns unfold, the new green leaves open and the flowers bloom is pulsing through me too, making me want to get out there, to create, to attend to my business, to walk to the far edges of the valley, to garden, to decorate and to act on all the ideas I’ve been having, but if I do anything like too much I am hit with a wall of fatigue so I have to be very careful.

I won’t be going properly back to work now as I’d hoped but I’ve set up a little drawing studio in the back bedroom (the room with the worst of all our carpets, I try not to look) so I can look after a few things, keep my hand in and quietly play with ideas without any pressure and without having to use up all my energy up on travelling to the studio. I will be budgeting my energy carefully. Building my strength up gradually. Doing just a little bit each day and trying to accept where I am. If I didn’t have Domenique and Hannah working in the studio I absolutely don’t know what I’d be doing. I’m so grateful to them.

Do you remember the last series of Willow in the window from autumn to winter? Well I promised I'd do a winter to spring series too. Here it is... 

January, with the first op being cancelled, brought the opportunity to decorate the living room. Bye bye carpet.

It also brought beautiful morning light and so many snowdrops in the garden.

February brought daffodills, stripped floor boards and new green chairs. 

March brought unexpected snows.

It was beautiful to sit and watch it but not so much fun to venture through for post op procedures at the hospital.

April brought buds and the first dusting of colour.

And May brought a little bit more. 

Each day another tree came into colour.

Seven days into May and it all went poof! Our windows are open, bird song and the wonderful scents of spring are coming in on the breeze and all is well. We made it. I may not be back to full capacity yet but I'll be reet soon enough. Spring is here to give us strength. x





You have no idea how much quiet joy reading your blogs and looking at your photos brings me. They are really the best medicine I know to uplift the spirits! Thank you, Hannah

Alison Fawcett

So clever! I really enjoyed that.

Cheryl Miller

I enjoyed the views from Willows windows.


I’m very glad you are nearly completely better. Fatigue is a pain isn’t it. X

Helen Houlden

Welcome back to healing and full health Hannah. My French doors here in the country have offered a similar changing of the seasons and the bright greens and wildflowers of spring. Even as i write, i hear the birds calling out declaring their territory and welcoming this fresh season.
I am a fan of your artwork each as beautiful as spring. I am sure you will continue to heal beautiful and be back in full swing by summer’s end! Enjoy! Patricia

Patricia A Moretti

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