take me to the sea!

beach treasures - bits of urchin, crab shells, pebbles and seaweed

After a long time longing for the sea during this landlocked lockdown, we finally managed to get there in the REALS. It was like a reverse research trip. Usually I would go to a place first to gather inspiration for a design but my paper pebbles and pebble window film were born out of a longing to get there so this was more like a celebration!

pretty cottages and robin hoods bay, limpets on a rock

It was a spur of the moment trip, deciding to go at lunchtime on Sunday, finding a lucky late room at Raven House with a beautiful sea view and arriving at Robin Hood's Bay by teatime!

whitby, seagull chicks

Dean had never been to Whitby, which was the place of many cherished childhood holidays for me, so we popped there for a fish and chip supper and many stories about lucky ducks, penny arcades and me and my sister with bowl cuts and deely boppers. 

Seeing the seagull chicks made my day. Can you spot them?

robin hoods bay in the evening light

The evening beach back at Robin Hoods Bay was so peaceful and beautifully warm. I was getting excited about the whole day of beach combing ahead!

fossilised fern and ammonite at robin hoods bay

Robin Hood's Bay is famous for it's rock pools and its fossils. I found a couple of nice ones. A fossilised fern? Or maybe seaweed? 

rock pools full of seaweed and shells at robin hoods bay

When the tide started to go out the wonderful, bejeweled world of the rock pool was revealed.


And to the sound of the waves washing in and out, the seagulls crying, the dogs barking, the children squealing and the barnacles popping we got lost in this sparkling world.

bracelet urchin in a rock pool at robin hoods bay
seaweed and limpets
seaweed in a rock pool
rock pool treasure

After not leaving the valley for over a year and a half it was really refreshing to be looking up close at something completely new, finding new textures, new creatures and new things to marvel at.

We're home now with lungs full of sea air, a few perfect pebbles for the collection and lots of gorgeous moments to remember. 


Loved your pics of RHB, my favourite place in the UK.
So special, I was there a month ago with my son and grandson and we had a wonderful afternoon in the rock pools.

Kate Fraser

Great pics, Hannah. Thanks for sharing.


Thank you Hannah, it made my day to see your beautiful photos. It’s the next best thing to being able to visit the sea myself. Many more adventures to you x


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