May day sketching

sketching lichen in the woods

On Sunday we joined in with '#sketchacrosstheworld22' organised by @thewalkingsketchbook on Instagram - a lovely event that invites people from all over the world to get outside in nature with their sketchbooks and draw what they see. 

unfurling ferns in the woods

We set off after a late breakfast (we'd had a long lie in after a 5am dawn chorus expedition, but that's another story) and walked up and up through the unfurling woods and over the moors to Broadhead Clough.

down to Broadhead Clough

We love dropping down from the wild, stark moor and into the twisty, gnarly, luscious woods. It's such a contrast.

Broadhead Clough, Cragg Vale
drawing in Broadhead Clough

Dean found his drawing spot immediately, taken by the straight birches on the left and the twisted old oaks to the right, and he got stuck in.

drawing new birch leaves

I faffed around trying to find my subject, looking at new birch leaves for a bit and then sitting down with some mosses and lichens.

drawing moss and lichen

I didn't really draw that much to be honest, but the point was, to be outside in nature and there was certainly a lot of that throughout our day.

baby rowan tree

We were out for six hours altogether

elm seeds

admiring seeds,

tree flowers

marveling at tree flowers,

crow nest wood in spring

bathing in the luminosity of the beech woods,

baby beech leaves covered in dew

stroking their soft baby leaves,

unfurling deer ferns

 and finding the new ferns.

sketching in broadhead clough

The woods were alive with twittering birdsong. 

drawing the trees

They didn't sit still long enough to be drawn!

We had a great day and have resolved to go out sketching on a Sunday again soon!

You can see the results of everyone who sketched around the world on Instagram with the hashtag #sketcharoundtheworld22. It's lovely to know we were all doing it together.

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