The blue of the bells

bluebells in Hebden Bridge

The last few days I have seen so many bluebells that I was still seeing blue when I closed my eyes at night!

bluebells in Jumble Hole Clough, Hebden Bridge

Folklore says that fairies use bluebells to lure human beings into the nether world and trap them forever. Well if this is true, I think I got got! 

I feel somewhat enchanted.

bluebells in Hebden Bridge

English bluebells often grow where woods have been woods continuously for four hundred years or more, and I just learned that the UK is home to over half of the worlds population. We have a lot of ancient woods around here in Hebden Bridge, so we also have a lot of bluebells.

bluebells in Hebden Bridge

I've walked many miles over the last three days to see them.

bluebells in Colden Clough Hebden Bridge

Colden Clough was spectacular as it had bluebells and wild garlic a plenty.

wild garlic at colden clough

The garlic flowers were like a covering of snow.

We we passed through in the early evening light

bluebells in Hebden Bridge

and caught some shadows.

blue bell shadow
bluebells in Jumble Hole Hebden Bridge

And this is Jumble Hole which is such a curious place. This hillside is full of the remains of old buildings, with it's roofs adorned in bluebells, ferns, moss and garlic. 

bluebells in Hebden Bridge

The little holes you can see in the walls are where they used to keep beehives. Vanessa from Heart Gallery wrote a blog post which goes into the history of the area if you'd like to know more.

bluebells in Hebden Bridge
bluebells in Hebden Bridge

There is one white bell for every ten thousand blue ones apparently. We saw a few.

the rarer white bell

At one point we were standing on the path facing this hillside of blue and it was all that the eye could see. We softened our eyes and soaked them in that colour. And we breathed in that scent. It's all so fleeting. We have to make as much of the moment as we can.

bluebells in Hardcastle Craggs Hebden Bridge

Colden Clough and Jumble Hole are both steep and rugged walks but there is also Hardcastle Crags our local National Trust woods where you can find oodles of stunning bluebells on some more accessible routes. 

Right here in our valley they are at their peak. Don't miss them. Those bluebell fairies are still casting their spells and waiting to enchant you too.



What an enchanting memory your photos evoked for me. Homesickness for the bluebell woods with nestled primroses of my childhood in England. Now my life revolves around the eucalypts of Australia. Thankyou for allowing me to pop back there for a few precious moments.


Oh my!!! How absolutely breathtaking (fairies included)!!! Thank you for sharing!


Thank you for these especially stunning photographs Hannah, I have bluebells in my doorstep and daily walks but you have prompted me to go further afield to find more of their splendour 💙


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