Nothing is impossible because of the glow!

I just received THIRTY THREE of the most beautiful heartfelt thank you letters from the year 4 children at Highfield Priory School in Preston. They have all made me smile so much.

Back in September I had an email their teacher Amanda Jewitt, with the subject 'Year 4 sketchbook work inspired by you'.

She told me that the children had been designing and making lanterns inspired by my work and wanted to share their beautiful sketchbook work with me.

I was blown away.

She told me that to kick the project off she had shown them my film THE DREAM and they were so quiet while they were watching that you could have heard a pin drop. They loved it because they were the same age as little me in the film.

And then they got down to work making their paper lanterns with nature inspired motifs that they cut out to let the light shine through.


Amanda asked me if I'd speak with the children on a live video chat and in December I met these young bright creatives and answered their questions about my work and my love of nature and about being an artist. I took them on a virtual tour of the studio and showed them the laser cutter in action. It was great to meet them. They were genuinely enthused.

Amanda said "It's really important that they learn about current artists & craftspeople. I want them to understand that they can have a career making art they love and that choosing art at high school, college & uni can lead to a fulfilling creative career."

What a fantastic teacher, prioritising and encouraging art and creativity. They are really lucky to have her.

acorns with names on

A couple of weeks ago I sent the class an acorn each with their name on it. The acorn is such an amazing symbol of potential isn't it. I wanted them to realise that they have the potential to grow into whatever they might want to. They were absolutely delighted. 

This week this beautiful package of thanks arrived for me. Each card decorated so beautifully and full of the most lovely words. Here are a few of them:

"Your work inspires me so much I would want to be an artist when I grow up. Your work is literally the best!"

"I love your art as much as my school"

I hope I stay as your favourite artist too Zarlala!

Khadijah even ordered some Tiny Treasures window film for the bathroom window! Thanks Khadija!

And I will treasure your letters forever.

Muhammed said, "I can see why you really like making lanterns as I made one and it looked so good and it reminds me that you can always fix something and nothing is impossible because of the glow."

I will treasure these letters. If ever I'm having a low day or I feel I'm lacking in direction I will get them out and read them.

Thank you so much year 4, you have been amazing and thank you Miss Jewitt for your vision. I think your mission was accomplished. x

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