our summer walk

cow parsley in the lane, Hebden Bridge

I had a folder of photographs in my archive from a beautiful day in June, that never got shared.

buttercup meadow, hebden bridge

So, as the summer draws to a close, I thought I'd set them free so that we could enjoy the summer for a little bit longer.

details of a buttercup meadow

It was a simple walk with my daughter Ffion, from her house in Hebden Bridge, to my son's in Mytholmroyd - only a three mile round trip but we took a long time over it because there was so much to see.

photographing chicken of the woods in Red Acre woods

I used to think that the only way to Mytholmroyd was straight along the bottom of the valley, by road, canal or river but since those lockdown walks I have discovered many more routes, through woods, lanes and meadows.

a buttercup in the sunshine

On this day, the buttercups were high

walking through a buttercup field

and the sky so blue!

crisp grass silhouettes

The silhouettes were crisp against the bright sunlight

crisp grass silhouettes against the summer sun

and the grasses were standing to attention!

photographing grass silhouettes

Ffion caught me catching them. This is why it takes so long to get anywhere!

crisp grass silhouettes
grasses and pignuts dancing in the breeze

It was quite a breezy day, and I loved lying on my belly in this field, trying to capture the grasses and pignuts as they danced about.

cow parsley in the hedgerow

The hedgerows were frothy with cow parsley

ladybird on a cow parsley leaf

and bursting with life.

close up of orange welsh poppies

I spent a bit of time with the orange welsh poppies

close up of orange welsh poppies
close up of orange welsh poppies

and then got interested in the little tendrils of the purple vetch, reaching out to curl around whatever they could.

orange welsh poppies and purple vetch tendrils
orange welsh poppies and purple vetch tendrils
white clover at the road side

We dipped down out of the sun to take the railway path home

a tree of oyster mushrooms, hebden bridge

and we found an old beech trunk covered in oyster mushrooms!

oyster mushroms on a beech trunk, hebden bridge

Ffion is a fungi enthusiast, so this made her day!

a tree trunk of oyster mushrooms

After much research, she came back and picked some for her tea! That little forager is braver than me!

a tree of oyster mushrooms hebden bridge
daisies in the park

The last stretch of our walk gave us daisies in the park. 

Hannah Nunn sitting buttercup meadow

Thank you June for everything. You gave us some very lovely memories and I look forward to meeting you again next year. x


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