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Three Somethings
'Thank you so much for your weekly email...I look forward to it each week and it does so much for my health and wellbeing
'Thanks so much for your Three Something's - I really look forward to them and appreciate you spreading warm optimism'
'What a lovely idea and really thoughtful of you to take the time to send us all something beautiful to look at and look forward to'o send us all something beautiful to look at and look forward to'
'I love your Three Something's  Thursdays Hannah and look  forward to them popping into  my in-box each week
Three Something's email Hannah Nunn
Three something's email review
Three somethings review. Hannah Nunn

Three Somethings artist newsletter 

I have been writing my weekly 'Three Somethings' email for a whole year, so I have been gathering some of the words of encouragement that kind people have sent so that I can treasure them.

Writing these emails has become the highlight of my working week and I look forward to picking my three things to share - something I have made, something I am making and something I have noticed. It keeps my eyes on the details, it spurs me on to create new work and it gives me an opportunity to show people what it is that I have for sale and tell them about it. And thankfully people buy them. Every artist needs that to happen!


And to think that I worried about a weekly email being too much and just another thing to add to an overburdened inbox! I hoped that maybe...just maybe it might add a moment of calm and beauty to somebody's day.


I know it's not for everyone and I know not everyone will read it EVERY week and that is ok by me. I thank everyone who reads it, even sometimes. I never freak myself by checking to see who has unsubscribed so you don't have to feel bad if you ever want to go! I won't know!


If you're not on the list and you'd like to be, you can sign up right here.

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Hannah Nunn

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I'm Hannah Nunn, designer/maker of papercut lamps, wallpaper, window film and laser cut 'treasures' all inspired by the beautiful details of nature. Find out what inspires me and join me for walks in the woods and other adventures...


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Each week I send 'three somethings' by email - something I've made, something I'm making and something I have noticed so you'll be the first to see new designs and watch ideas unfold.

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