our sunrise swim

early morning light on the dunes at Newton by the sea, Northumberland

Me and Sarah went to the beach, super early, to greet the sunrise and swim.

early morning light on the dunes at Newton by the sea, Northumberland

Cool, soft sand underfoot, the sea reflecting the soft light of the sky and so much excitement in our bellies.

early morning light on the dunes at Newton by the sea, Northumberland

There was so much beauty to absorb.

early morning light on the dunes at Newton by the sea, Northumberland

The grasses and plants making stunning silhouettes.

early morning light on the hogweed at Newton by the sea, Northumberland

and everything bathed in that soft and gentle light.

Goats Beard seed head in the sand dunes, Newton-by-the-sea, Northumberland
Harebells in the sunrise light
Sarah Mason Photography waiting on the beach for the sun to rise

We watched and waited.

waiting for the sunrise at the sea
Just GET IN the sea - a morning sunrise swim at newton by the sea northumberland

And at the moment that the sun began to peep over the horizon we squealed! Whilst excitedly jumping up and down I said, 'Oh my goodness Sarah, I don't know whether to photograph it or to just get in it'. 

a sunrise swim

I will never forget Sarah just shouting 'GET IN!' as she ran down the beach and straight into the sea. 

a sunrise swim

I ran after her. I got in! We jumped and splashed and laughed and swam and became absorbed in this beautiful moment. We were no longer looking at this the sunrise over the sea, we were part of it.

seed head covered in dew at sunrise light on the beach

And after, the light was pure gold,

taking photos on the beach at sunrise
long shadows on the beach at sunrise

the shadows were long

Sarah Mason in the sunrise glow at the beach

and our little faces were as lit up as the plants and flowers in the dunes!

harebell in the morning light in the dunes
rosebay willow herb in the sunrise light

I'm so grateful for this impromptu, sun filled, weekend in Northumberland and grateful for friends who know how to find the magic. We don't get to the sea very often so we have to soak it up and bring it home as memories, feelings and photographs (and the inevitable sand in the shoes of course). This set of pictures will forever soothe me and the experience of swimming with my dear friend and the rising sun, ranks very high in the 'magical life affirming moments top ten' which one can always call upon if the going gets tough!

walking through the dunes

It's also nice to know that just looking at pictures of the sea and of nature can soothe our nervous system - you might not get the full benefits you would of bare feet in the sand and sea air in your lungs but just imagining these things, like the sound of the waves, or looking out onto the horizon, can have measurable effect on our brains and bodies. 

went sand in the sunrise

Thanks for coming to the beach with us. I hope these photos soothe you as much as they do me x


I love this. You have inspired me to do a sunrise swim too! Thank you x


thank you Hannah; that was just what I needed and reminded me of that beautiful coast.

Caroline Booth

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