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Hannah Nunn's studio in In Her Studio magazine by Stampington

I'm delighted and excited to have my studio featured in the Autumn edition of In her Studio magazine.

In her Studio magazine

It's an American magazine, so if you live there you can find it in places that sell arts and craft type magazines OR, if you live anywhere else in the world you can order it on their website and have it delivered.

Hannah Nunn's studio featured in In Her Studio magazine

It's such a beautifully laid out magazine, featuring so many inspiring studio spaces from around the globe. I've been taking my time to read each article and so far I have visited the U.S, Russia and Holland and I'm only a quarter of the way through. It's lovely to read about peoples dreams and business unfolding and see all the creative things they have done to their much loved studio spaces. One article features a woman whose studio is simply a corner of her bedroom. It's amazing what you can do with what you have!

In her studio magazine. Hannah Nunn

I'm chuffed to have have nine whole pages but I don't want to share them ALL here and give it all away...

Tips for getting over a creative block by Hannah Nunn

but I will share some things I do to get through a creative block. For me, that's nature, writing, breathing and a good old studio nap!

Anyway, I hope you might invest in a copy if you want to feel inspired. And if you are a woman with a studio and fancy being featured you can find out the details here.

Happy reading x

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