Solstice in a field of gold

The second day of our Dales trip was the summer solstice we didn't really have a plan but I had a hunch to go to Wensleydale and find a walk that I did on a memorable childhood holiday. Cue the faded seventies photos...

So we drove to Gayle and found a path over the fields to Burtesett.

buttercups at Gayle

We followed a sign from the lane, up a hilly field and as we climbed over the stile at the top THIS opened up. SURPRISE!

Oh the pure joy of it. 

It was the most jaw dropping field of our trip and we were uplifted.

buttercups at Gayle Wensleydale

The breeze was sending golden ripples across this sea of yellow

swallow swooping over the buttercups and wensleydale

and the swallows were swooping and screeching.

solstice in a field of gold

At some point while we were lying in this meadow, with all of this beauty around us, the sun stood still. It reached it's most extreme point in the year and said Here I am, NOTICE ME. It lit up each and every one of those buttercups and all of that golden light reflected onto our faces and soaked right inside us. There was no better place to be in that moment.

Thank you sun. We see you x

p.s should these photos entice you to visit the area, my friend Rosemary has a lovely cottage in Burtesett. 



I believe the Sun’s friend ‘Moon’ should’ve got a mention.. Lovely images and accompanying text.


I share your joy! But seeing them on the top of the world like that is absolutely special!
Many thanks for sharing your gold!

Catherine Hilditch

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