The Mukker Meadows

We went to the Dales to find some meadows to celebrate our midsummer engagement anniversary and to visit a gallery that has been selling my lamps for years.

The Old School Gallery Mukker

The owner Pauline of The Old School Gallery in Mukker, Swaledale told me once that she chose to sell my lamps to appeal to the many visitors who pass by on their way to the Mukker meadows walk. My ears pricked up at this. One day I would visit these meadows they talk of and walk that walk!

lamps in the old school gallery Mukker

It was lovely to meet the owners and see my lights shining there and have a good look the work of some other meadow inspired makers. Do you know the work of Hester Cox? I admire her creations very much.

Mukker Meadows walk

Then we were on our way to find the Mukker Meadows Walk. It was kind of obvious where the path was!  The path led us from one field to the next and each meadow had a slightly different flavour. Some of the meadows here are sites of special scientific interest and are protected so there is a strict 'stick to the path' policy.

Mukker Meadows walk

I did do a fair bit of sitting on the path and trying to get in as close as I could.

I found inspiration in shadows falling on the slabs.

Perfect silhouettes

on a brilliantly textured canvas.

Mukker Meadows walk - meadow cranesbill

But I think this day was more about the landscape en masse..

Mukker Meadows walk

Seeing the meadow cranesbill dust the meadow in purple was a first for me.
Mukker Meadows walk
Mukker Meadows walk

The contrast of the HUGE craggy sweeping hills and the delicate flowers on the valley bottom was beautiful.

Mukker Meadows walk

The stone walls and all the barns make it unmistakably Dales!

After about five fields the meadows ended and the river plain began.

fish and tadpoles in the Swale

We took our time by the river, eating our sandwiches and watching fish and tadpoles darting about.

nettle cottage? on the way to Keld

There were lots of old barns to peep in

Dales sheep

and talkative sheep to say hello back to.

waterfall near Keld

Half way around the trail, near Keld, was a very refreshing waterfall pool. 

The Swale Trail

Just what we needed before walking the side of the hillside back to Mukker in the full afternoon sun.

The walk does a big 5 mile mile loop and then at the end you get another chance to walk back through the meadows again, back the way you came.

We would have lingered longer if our parking ticket wasn't about to expire so we had to rush on by. Imagine that, rushing through a meadow? What a ridiculous notion! Note to self. Carry more change in the Dales!

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