The Tree That Was Meant To Be

a wild and twisty tree

Last summer, on one of our morning walks, Mandy introduced me to a grove of rather amazing trees. After living in this valley for twenty two years I had never been to this spot and met these wild old characters. We visited them again last week and it was interesting to see them in winter without their covering of leaves.

They were all a bit twisted, going this way and that, 

a wild and twisty tree

with many 'arms' that were going off in all directions.

These ones were welcoming us, leaning in and whispering 'This way please'.

 These ones were saying 'All aboard, everyone welcome' and holding out a hand for support.

 And this one 'Do you like my winter coat?'

This weekend I took them up on their invitation and me and Ffion went tree climbing.

We didn't climb too high. 

Just high enough to dangle our legs,

discover a secret stash of beech nuts

and find a slightly new perspective.

I'm not sure how these trees got so twisty. I know nothing of woodland management but it seems these have been left to go a little wilder than usual

and I love them.

I bought my little friend Olive a lovely book for Christmas called 'The Tree That Was Meant To Be'. (just found someone reading it here on Youtube) and it was how about a wonky fir tree in the forest didn't get picked to be taken home like most of the 'flawless' others. It felt sad at first, until all the animals came, one by one with feathers and nuts and forest treasures and dressed it all up. Then a shooting star landed on the top making it a tree of light! Then it felt like the tree that was meant to be.

It's the wonky ones that are remarkable right?

For local folk, these trees are above Mytholm Steeps, beyond the rock on the steep bend. Head into the field above the rocks and go right as if you're walking to Jack bridge. You'll soon find yourself among them. Say hi from me.

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