Turkey Tail Texture

I walked straight past this tree without seeing what it was covered in. From the corner of my eye it was just wet autumn leaves.

My sister called me back to see and then they all lost me to my camera and this textured tree trunk.

I know these to be Turkey Tails. They look a bit like shells or flowers or pencil shavings! I find them very beautiful.

It's damp and mushy in the woods right now but it is adorned in fantastical fungi. It's like jewellery of the forest!. All the textures of the fungi and leaves and moss in between have captured my attention and are giving me some pattern ideas. I'm going to draw them and see what happens.

Here are more Turkey Tails with a slightly different colour.

This little mushroom wanted to be included in the blog post. All the points for this one for finding a lovely spot to grow.

Can you spot the cheeky face in the darkness?

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