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A Hedgerow Floor Lamp

Wednesday, 21 October 20

I have been gradually interpreting all of the motifs in the Hedgerow wallpaper to create some lighting and I am really pleased with how today's work came out. My favourite thing is the engraving. You see the clover leaves and the hawthorn leaves? This is the laser cutter taking away the very top layer of the paper which gives me another tone to play with in my palette of light.

I have put all the motifs together to create a floor lamp. I have a customer who has two of my floor lamps already and when she asked me what third one I thought she should have to go with them I immediately suggested a Hedgerow because I really wanted to try one out.

Here are the pieces all laid out before laminating.

Can you spot the faint and delicate leaves?

I love the wispy yarrow leaves

and the barren brome grass works so nicely.

The mighty foxglove had to be included too.

It is now available on my website.


Tags: creations, in the studio, lamps

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