The first day of December

Full moon behind the ferns

I peeped out of my curtains very early yesterday morning and saw one of those cloudless skies with the last of the stars twinkling. It looked like the kind of morning where seeing the sunrise was promising!

full moon cobbled path

So we crept up the hill to find the sun and as we turned the corner we found the full moon! A bonus!

hebden bridge dawn

Sun rising on one side, moon setting on the other and the crispy, frosty ground beneath us.

The sun was casting it's early rays onto the tree covered valley 

moon light path

and the dried grasses and bracken lit up in gold.

Stoodley Pike at sunrise

Stoodley Pike was bathed in pink and blue.

As the moon began to tuck itself up in it's purple cloudy duvet the sun started to peep from behind the hill.

 It lit up our faces. 

Sarah popped out to watch it too and we all glowed together.

sunrise and dried plants


frosty bracken leaves

Then we crunched through the beautiful crispy leaves and grass back down the hill and home.

frosty leaves

The perfect start to December.

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I am just doing a painting for a friend for Christmas and an trying to capture dying back bracken, so these images are really timely and useful. Could send though an image when I have finished the painting.

Lynne Farrell

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