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Posts tagged with: walking

After the rain

Monday, 30 May 22

Recently, after having such a beautiful dawn chorus experience, I wrote a piece (for next years journal) about always noticing birds but never being able to capture them in a photograph. I realised it was something that I would like to learn one day. Then I though to myself ONE DAY? Why not start now? I was about go to Wales to look out onto a marsh full of wading birds so it seemed like a good practice opportunity. I already had a telephoto lens but being someone who likes to travel light I didn't have a tripod. So I bought one and took it on it's first outing.

Tags: nature, walking

A May moon

Thursday, 19 May 22

Our friends told us that there were barn owls nesting in the barn near Widdop so we went up there when the sky was clear and the moon was almost full.

Tags: nature, walking

May day sketching

Wednesday, 4 May 22

On Sunday we joined in with '#sketchacrosstheworld22' organised by @thewalkingsketchbook on Instagram - a lovely event that invites people from all over the world to get outside in nature with their sketchbooks and draw what they see. 

Tags: creations, nature, walking

Something I have noticed...

Monday, 4 April 22
As much as I love sharing my writing and my photographs online, I love making things I can hold in my hands even more. So I've created this printed journal and I'm really excited about it.

Tags: creations, nature, walking

Above the clouds

Thursday, 6 January 22

When I left my house just before sunrise there was a thick fog. We knew it was forecast and me and Sarah had agreed to meet and soak up the atmosphere in the misty woods.

Tags: nature, sunrise, walking

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