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Posts tagged with: nature

One pebble at a time

Wednesday, 3 March 21
I've been choosing my favourite pebbles to feature on a lamp.

Tags: creations, in the studio, lamps, nature, work-in-progress

Pebbles in the post!

Thursday, 18 February 21
I was very moved last week to receive presents of pebbles. I treated myself to The Book of Pebbles by Angie Lewin and Christopher Stocks as recommended to me after one of my emails about my laser cut pebbles and on Friday I found it in my post box along with another mysterious package full of the softest white stones from a beach in Kefalonia from another thoughtful customer. 

Tags: creations, in the studio, nature, work-in-progress

A sparkling cascade of icicles

Saturday, 13 February 21

My mind has been well and truly blown this afternoon by a natural spectacle in the woods. The waterfall In Crow Nest Woods has turned into an incredible, sparkling cascade of icicles...

Tags: nature

The Pebbles on the Beach

Wednesday, 27 January 21
Ffion bought me a lovely little book called The Pebbles on the Beach for my birthday and it has given me a huge desire to go to the beach and find some! It's been over a year since I saw the sea and even longer since I put my body in it or walked barefoot on the sand picking up beach treasures.

Tags: creations, in the studio, nature

Winter wonders

Thursday, 7 January 21
It has been the most magical weather for a winter stay at home holiday....

Tags: nature

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