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Posts tagged with: nature

Patterns & textures on the forest floor

Wednesday, 13 October 21

Just a Sunday morning walk, while the sun was shining. We went along the river below the green bridge. There was so much to see.

Tags: nature

Foraging for awe and wonder

Thursday, 7 October 21

I've been learning so much about fungi lately as earlier in the year, my daughter Ffion read Entangled Life by Merlin Sheldrake and it opened up a whole new world to her.

Tags: nature

Coed Felenrhyd & Rhaeadr Ddu

Monday, 27 September 21

A couple of years ago we discovered one of Wales's ancient forests, and deep within it, a beautiful waterfall and pool. It was so humid and we were hot after our walk up the forest path so we felt sad that we hadn't brought our swimming things. BUT the water was so inviting and I mean, we hadn't seen a single soul all morning. We were all alone in the most magical place, we'd be crazy not to just strip off and get in...

Tags: nature

Forest, sea and misty mountains

Tuesday, 21 September 21

It's just struck me how much this hillock reminds me of a Kay Nielsen painting that I love - the one called  'And then she lay on a little green patch in the midst of a gloomy thick wood'.

In the painting the hill is covered in little flowers. I bet this was too, back in the spring, but the ferns and the grasses were the main attraction on this September day and we were drawn there to eat our picnic.

Tags: nature

Peace and pondering at the salt marsh

Wednesday, 15 September 21

Last week we stayed at Pobty Cottage on the Isle of Angelsey. I've been excited about visiting this place since back in the winter when I saw photos of the swing seat under the big pine tree looking out over calm waters. The tide was so far out when we arrived that it was hard to believe it would come right up to the garden wall.

Tags: nature

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