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Posts tagged with: window-film

Hedgerow window film in the making

Wednesday, 26 August 20

The window film company made a little video of the new Hedgerow window film being printed and cut. It's nice to see how its done!  Click on the picture to view the video.

Tags: creations, window-film

Hedgerow window film 'frost on clear'

Wednesday, 19 August 20
A new way round for my window film designs! This is a frosted print on a clear film background and I think it works beautifully.

Tags: window-film

Window film in a beautiful Edinburgh air bnb

Tuesday, 4 August 20
I love seeing my products in peoples homes especially when the windows are as BEAUTIFUL as this! I love what they have done here by using Paper Meadow on the lower panes and Paper Meadows Edge on the top to finish it off. It works so well.

Tags: products-in-situ, window-film

Hedgerow window film developments

Tuesday, 28 July 20

I just wanted to show you the latest on the Hedgerow window film. These latest prints came back from the window film company. This is the white-on-frost version. I have balanced the tones and it's looking really good now. It's so pretty.

Tags: creations, products-in-situ, window-film

Hedegrow window film

Wednesday, 15 July 20
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