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Sunny sunflowers in solidarity

Wednesday, 9 March 22

As the first batch sunflowers made their way to their new homes around the world, people have responded by hanging them in their windows in solidarity with the Ukranian people and sharing their photos. I thought I'd bring them all together here in celebration of the TEN THOUSAND POUNDS that we raised together.

Tags: creations, in the studio

Sunflowers for Ukraine

Wednesday, 2 March 22

It's really hard to know how to help our fellow humans who are far away and in trouble isn't it. We watch from afar and feel a bit helpless. It feels wrong to carry on as normal, enjoying a spring day when we know of the terrible things that are happening. Nobody (in their right mind) wants a war.

Tags: creations, in the studio, life stuff

Loop the Loupe

Tuesday, 1 February 22

Before we drove over to my sisters on Sunday I had the last minute thought to put my hand lens in my pocket to show my nephew. Perhaps you're thinking 'why doesn't she just keep it in her pocket all the time?' Well one time through the wash cycle was enough to decided not to do that!

Tags: nature

Moss Goggles

Wednesday, 19 January 22

Secret Santa knows how much I like looking up close at the details and kindly gifted me a copy of Robin Wall Kimmerer's book, Gathering Moss. I read it in those cosy days between Christmas and new year and was transported into a fascinating miniature world. Her writing is so stunning and she manages to weave stories of moss with stories of everyday and inspire a new reverence for this often overlooked plant.

Tags: nature

Above the clouds

Thursday, 6 January 22

When I left my house just before sunrise there was a thick fog. We knew it was forecast and me and Sarah had agreed to meet and soak up the atmosphere in the misty woods.

Tags: nature, sunrise, walking

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