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Hedgerow window film 'frost on clear'

Wednesday, 19 August 20
A new way round for my window film designs! This is a frosted print on a clear film background and I think it works beautifully.

Tags: window-film

Macro in the meadow

Tuesday, 18 August 20
I took the macro lens out for a walk yesterday and spent a lot of time lost in the grass! I love these 'Fox and Cubs' seed heads.

Tags: nature

Three Somethings...

Wednesday, 12 August 20

Yesterday evening when we were out walking in the woods (always the best place for creativity I find) I had an idea. I'd been ruminating about my mail outs and how I'd like to do them more regularly but that I also don't want to 'bother' anyone. We all have busy inboxes and busy minds don't we and I don't want to contribute to the noise.


Saturday, 8 August 20
After the frenzy of spring and early summer flowers there's always a bit of a lull when things are dying off and not looking quite so spectacular and the pesky Himalayan Balsam is doing its best to take over the world!

Tags: nature


Friday, 7 August 20
Me and Ffion walked through Hardcastle Craggs to Blake Dean at the weekend. It's a long walk (for me...about 8 miles is my top walk) and goes through The Craggs, beyond Gibson Mill through the woods to Blake Dean. In all my twenty years of living round here I've never ventured far past Gibson Mill so these woods have been (one of the many) recent lockdown discoveries.

Tags: nature

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