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Winter wonders

Thursday, 7 January 21
It has been the most magical weather for a winter stay at home holiday....

Tags: nature

Happy Solstice!

Monday, 21 December 20
We made it to the darkest, shortest day of the year! The days get longer and brighter from here!

The first day of December

Wednesday, 2 December 20
I peeped out of my curtains very early yesterday morning and saw one of those cloudless skies with the last of the stars twinkling. It looked like the kind of morning where we would be able to see the sunrise.

Tags: nature

Hello I'm here. Can you see me?

Wednesday, 25 November 20
Usually I have a camera full of pictures to choose from for my three somethings mailout but this week I realised I had nothing! It's not that I hadn't been out, in fact I've had three lovely long walks but these walks had been walks with friends where the scenery goes by in a blur because you are deep in conversation.

Tags: nature

Catching the sun

Wednesday, 11 November 20
After the week of fog it was incredible to see the sun. It was going down behind the hill when the cloud finally lifted so I dashed up the hill to catch it. 

Tags: nature

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