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A world inside a pine cone

Thursday, 25 November 21

You can imagine my delight when I found this in the woods - a tiny little world growing in a pine cone. I thought that it was just a random little fungi that had happened to make it's home in a fallen pine cone BUT I learned that it is actually called a Pinecone Cap or Strobilurus Tenacellus. That's where it grows specifically. I'm always grateful to the folks on my mailing list who share their knowledge with me. 

Tags: nature

A tiny treasure box!

Tuesday, 9 November 21

I'm delighted to introduce my new treasure boxes to you. I had been thinking for a while how nice it would be to offer a special box in which to gift some of my decorations or my little tiny treasures book, but I didn't want to create a box that would just get thrown away afterwards. How could I make it a box that people would like to keep?

Tags: creations, in the studio, nature

What's inside a bountiful treasure box?

Tuesday, 9 November 21
What's inside the bountiful treasure box? Read more to find out...

Buying small matters!

Wednesday, 27 October 21

Each and every moment that another person chooses to buy something that I have made, is a moment I celebrate. Back in the (noisy) days before I muted my phone notifications, my webshop would make a cute 'kerching' sound when an order came through. I had a habit of saying THANKYOU out loud and hoping that my gratitude would travel on the airwaves and reach the purchaser! 

Patterns & textures on the forest floor

Wednesday, 13 October 21

Just a Sunday morning walk, while the sun was shining. We went along the river below the green bridge. There was so much to see.

Tags: nature

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