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Sunrise walk

Thursday, 1 April 21

It was very tempting to snuggle back in bed when the alarm clock went off at 5.30 but we had a date to go search for mad March hares! I rarely see hares around here but I thought perhaps if we got up early and went to the only spot we'd seen them before then we might be lucky.

Tags: nature, sunrise

The Wood Anemones are out

Thursday, 1 April 21

Yesterday we had a very springy walk for Deans birthday. What beautiful weather for a birthday! We took our time, meandering slowly with nowhere else to be, taking in the sights and the scents of spring.

Tags: nature

The Tree That Was Meant To Be

Wednesday, 24 March 21

Last summer on one of our morning walks, Mandy introduced me to a grove of rather amazing trees. After living in this valley for twenty two years I had never been to this spot and met these wild old characters. We visited them again last week and it was interesting to see them in winter without their covering of leaves.

Tags: nature

The Breathing Institute

Thursday, 18 March 21

cinnamon bun to celebrate a personal win after a gorgeous session with Amanda Morley of The Non Nutrition Guide to Nutrition.

The first time I heard this phrase a while back, it made my ears prick up because I had a keen interest in nutrition after trying (mostly unsuccessfully) to fix my digestion and general well being through food for a long time! I could tell you a billion stories about how I have had a strained relationship with food and digestion, particularly with all things sweet for years and years and all the billions of things I've done to try to make my body feel better. I have gone round and round getting nowhere but more stuck and trapped by the many rules about what does and doesn't work for my body. Arghhhhh!

Tags: life stuff

One pebble at a time

Wednesday, 3 March 21
I've been choosing my favourite pebbles to feature on a lamp.

Tags: creations, in the studio, lamps, nature, work-in-progress

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