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our sunrise swim

Wednesday, 21 July 21

Me and Sarah went to the beach super early to greet the sunrise and swim.

Tags: nature, sunrise

our midsummer meadow engagement

Tuesday, 29 June 21

I remember the first time I ever walked through a really high and wild flower meadow. It was back in Wales in my early twenties, out for a walk with friends and we just happened upon it. It was captivating. The grasses were up to our waist and there were SO many butterflies. No one with me seemed particularly interested in it though and just marched on through, so it was a very short visit, but the magic of it etched itself on my memory.

Tags: life stuff, nature

A visit from Holly Tucker

Thursday, 24 June 21
The legendary Holly Tucker  is on the road with her stripey tour bus and today she is coming to visit my studio. This is part of their June campaign to encourage people to shop local! While I was waiting for them to arrive I popped to have a look around the bus! It's super cute! The message is loud and clear

take me to the sea!

Tuesday, 15 June 21

After a long time longing for the sea during this landlocked lockdown, we finally managed to get there in the REALS. It was like a reverse research trip. Usually I would go to a place first to gather inspiration for a design but my paper pebbles and pebble window film were born out of a longing to get there so this was more like a celebration!

Tags: nature

Pebble Window Film

Monday, 7 June 21
I've had a lot of fun over the last few sunny days taking photo's of my new pebble window film. I have three panes of glass on my big window at home so each one is now covered in pebbles and EVERY magical shadow catches my eye.
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